4th of July

Last year 2017 with my sister!

Happy Fourth of July! Started this day off with an awesome 4th of July 5K! I went to this same run last year with my sister. It was her third run that year and she was the one who found the 5K so we did it together! This is a trilogy so it includes the 4th of July, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day. When all three runs are completed the medals come together to form one big beautiful one! Last years was nice and this year I’m looking forward to see how all 3 look together!

2018 me &  my sister!

It was a great 5K today and I was glad that my sister came again and this year so did my dad and mom. It really is amazing how I inspired my family to join me on these runs… I remember going to these runs by myself and am still so proud of myself that I did, because if I hadn’t pushed myself then we would not be where we are now. Before my family didn’t really understand me, paying to run, waking up super early… but they still did support me and it was this support that inspired me (more on this soon).

The medal!

It all really means so much to me… I never thought I would inspire anyone but I’m happy that I did and I hope to inspire more people. This was excellent way to start the Fourth of July and I still have some shopping and family time later on! I hope everyone has a great fourth!