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The First of July

“Go out in the woods, go out. If you don’t go out in the woods nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés Ph.D.

It’s the first of July and what a month of beginnings it will be. Such a perfect way to start it with a quote from a book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, I’ve been meaning to read and I recently just ordered to do just that. It is also a book that seems to suit the type of person I am but I will see once I start reading it. So what else does this month bring? Well… towards the end of the month it will be about 18 weeks until my first marathon so I will officially begin my marathon training. I’m always training but now I will start adding more miles and following a training plan, which I will document here. I also plan on getting back into yoga, which I believe will help with my running. Early morning yoga classes before work is what I’m aiming for because I usually do my runs at night, but I do plan on getting some runs in before work . Also happening this July, my first tinctures will be ready before this month is over! I will write more about each tincture I made and what they’re good for very soon. Since this is a month of beginnings for me I will post about some of my first runs, what it meant to me and how it changed how I lived. Also throughout this month I will write about the first runs my sister and dad joined me for and how they have been such a big influence for me. I’m very excited to start this journey and thank you for reading!